My Trace of Yesterday at the Faculty of Social Sciences, ABU Zaria

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By Abdullahi Haruna Haruspice

For every today, there is a trace of yesterday. In these pictures depict my trace of yesterday at the faculty of social sciences, ABU Zaria where I held sway as faculty President during my undergraduate days.

Sixteen (16) years ago, I had contested and won the coveted position as students’ President. It was a keenly contested poll, by his grace, I triumphed. Then came the desire to live a legacy.

Hitherto, the association was an ugly reference of corruption where students embezzled funds entrusted them. I was mindful of this and went in with the zeal to work and leave a mark.

But I was greeted with the most vicious oppositions and obstacles. The parliamentary arm of the association won’t buy my ideas nor would they support my plans.

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I made a budget to have the faculty library upgraded and refurbished, it was turned down. Tragically, the same parliament approved the sum of N300,000.00 to print receipt booklets that would be used to source for students due of 700,000.00! Yes, such an economic sense.


It was a beautifully orchestrated plan to make money from the association by some of these few folks. So they padded the budget.

I discovered their plans and kept mute, my finest moment came when the money was approved. I got the officer in charge to bring three printers to bid for the printing of the receipt. Using native intelligence and reverse psychology, I told the printers individually the bid of every one.

So because they all wanted the job, they came down from their clandestine prices and gave the real quotes. In the end, we got the receipt printed at less than a 100,000 and we were richly left with N200,000 from the padded approval.

I made the officer under whose office we made this excess fund in charge of what would become a lasting legacy of my government as the faculty president.

We went around the school, looking for metal scraps from abandoned furniture and made these slabs you see in these pictures.

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Trace of Yesterday at the Faculty of Social Sciences, ABU Zaria
 the Faculty of Social Sciences, ABU Zaria

This became a shocking delight to students who for the first time saw the results of their dues. We became overwhelmingly popular in the faculty with students hailing and praising us.

The management wasn’t left out as they made reference to us in pleasant terms. In fact, by the time we were leaving, the Deanery awarded us a special recommendation letter describing us as ‘innovative, responsive and transparent’.

This feat was made possible with my innovative and supportive excos led by Yimi Madaki, Sarafadeen Ibrahim, Odeh Abah, Ibrahim Larai Fatima, Jingo, Simon Ogbe, Mariam Okene, and others.

So imagine my joy whenever I visited the faculty and was greeted by the trace of my yesterday. The successive students didn’t abandon my vision, they sustained it. And indeed this is what governance should be – a continuum reference of sustainability.

Therefore, wherever you happen to find yourself, leave a trace of impact, leave a mark of positive reference – this way, you shall live forever even when you are no more.

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By Abdullahi O Haruna Haruspice

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